"Want to END Blood Sugar Problems Without Drugs? Now There's a Much Better Way to Reverse High Blood Sugar, Even Diabetes, and Make the Pounds Melt Away. In Fact, You'll Be Surprised at How Easy It Is." — Mark A. Hyman, MD, Founder and Medical Director, The UltraWellness Center, MA

Introducing The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease and Feeling Great Now!

Dear Friend,

At 53, Jane had the corporate world in the palm of her hand. She was a highly successful executive with a reputation for turning big challenges into impressive achievements.

But one challenge was going to kill her.

Jane’s ten-year battle with diabetes was getting worse; her blood sugar was sky-high, despite taking maximum dosages of metformin and glyburide. She was taking Lipitor for high cholesterol and a beta-blocker for high blood pressure, yet both continued to rage out of control.

At the time, Jane weighed 190 pounds on a 5’2” frame and had developed fatty liver from insulin resistance. She could barely fight through her fatigue. Her father had died from a stroke at 55, and Jane could see the writing on the wall. Her prospects looked equally bleak.

That’s when the light bulb went off in her head.

Jane realized that pills were never going to solve her blood sugar problem and the health nightmare it was causing. There had to be another way — and she found it with us at the UltraWellness Center.

We put her on The Blood Sugar Solution immediately. We improved her diet. We corrected deficiencies. We got her off the drugs that were simply making matters worse.

In a few short months, Jane accomplished what ten years of conventional medical treatments couldn’t.

Her blood sugar dropped from over 300 mg/dl to 90 mg/dl. Her blood pressure went from 164/104 to 127/79 and her cholesterol dramatically improved. She lost 30 pounds and her energy soared.

Jane went from being so sick that she had nearly given up to feeling empowered again — “at a magical point, happy and enjoying life.”

Jane’s diabetes was gone. But we weren’t surprised…

“Incurable” Type 2 Diabetes is a Thing of the Past—Only Most People Don’t Know It!

Hello, my name is Dr. Mark Hyman. I’m the Founder and Medical Director of the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, and a passionate advocate for a powerful new approach to health called Functional Medicine.

If you struggle with type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, weight problems, fatigue, depression, or any chronic illness at all, then I urge you to read this crucially important message today.

It could literally save your life.

The truth is, America is in the grips of the worst unrecognized epidemic in its history. This progressive condition already affects more than 50% of the population, and nine out of ten people affected go undiagnosed.

This condition is called diabesity, a term used to describe the full spectrum of metabolic dysfunction that begins with elevated blood sugar and mild insulin resistance. Over time it grows progressively worse until the day your doctor says, yes, you have full-blown diabetes.

Incredibly, there are no national screening recommendations or treatment guidelines to catch diabesity in its early stages, despite the staggering fact that insulin resistance is directly responsible for millions of premature deaths every year.

Diabesity is the single biggest cause of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and dementia in the United States. Yet most doctors still don’t know how to properly diagnose and treat this metabolic disorder even though type 2 diabetes has tripled since the 1980s!

Living With Diabesity Means A Lot of Things…
and None of Them Good:

Thankfully, Help Is On The Way… And Not A Minute Too Soon

Today, you can win the war against diabesity even if you’ve been fighting weight and blood sugar problems for decades… even if you’ve tried every diet under the sun without success… and even if you’re already on insulin or drugs for diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, and other diabesity-triggered conditions.

You can balance your blood sugar in just 8 weeks and enjoy vibrant health you never imagined possible again.

But there is one catch, and it’s simply this:

You can’t sit around waiting for medications to fix you. Pills simply mask the problem.

There is a better way right now, thanks to the breakthrough Functional Medicine approach to blood sugar disorders. And if you’re like most people, you can heal yourself with the step-by-step guidance you get with my new program and online community called…

The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease and Feeling Great Now!

First, forget everything you’ve been told about the blood sugar problem you’ve “inherited” from your mother’s side or your father’s side, or from your ethnic or racial ancestry.

Truth is, the insulin resistance at the root of weight gain, diabetes and a host of deadly diseases is almost 100% preventable and curable no matter what your family history. So if you’d like to …

… Pass every blood sugar test with flying colors for the rest of your life

… Melt extra pounds away and never feel starved or deprived

… Feel years younger as a surge of energy fills your body and mind

… Experience freedom from nagging chronic illnesses of all kinds

… Eliminate depression so often triggered by blood sugar problems

… And never let insulin resistance lead you down the deadly path to diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer…

…then The Blood Sugar Solution is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, and I promise you won’t be disappointed:

You’ll Remember as the Day You Took Your First Step to a Healthy New You

In a moment, I’ll provide details about the program and how it will transform your health in a matter of a few short weeks:

But first, let me explain …

Why The Blood Sugar Solution Is So Different From Any Program You’ve Tried Before

The Blood Sugar Solution is a personalized approach to health that works by pinpointing and then eliminating the true underlying causes of your blood sugar dysfunction.

It treats the imbalances in your body that are driving the disease, rather than merely treating symptoms as they pop up. Put another way, it treats the true causes of your weight gain and illness instead of just papering over symptoms with medications.

The rationale behind this approach is simple: when you restore balance to the seven key areas of your biology, great health happens! Illness and disease go away, practically as a side effect.

With The Blood Sugar Solution, there’s no misguided effort to “stabilize” your blood sugar or “manage” the problem with drugs. That’s where conventional medicine takes a wrong turn.

In fact, taking the prescription drug route is usually the worst thing you can do because your problems will just keep snowballing.

You’ll start with a pill for blood sugar … then soon you’ll need another pill for cholesterol … then another pill for high blood pressure … and then even more pills for depression, neuropathy, and other problems triggered by blood sugar disease. Then, you’ll need insulin injections as well when you cross over into full-blown diabetes.

It’s not a pretty picture. And it’s made worse by the fact that these drugs are ineffective, have side effects, and can even increase your risk for death in some cases.

Rather than letting you fall into this trap, The Blood Sugar Solution helps you treat the underlying root causes of the condition. I want to help you cure your diabesity once and for all, not just “control” it!

That’s Where the Seven Keys to Curing Diabesity Make All The Difference

This start-to-finish program helps you rebalance the key systems in your body that will naturally bring about normal blood sugar, ideal weight, and true health for life — a state I call “UltraWellness.”

How does it work? By following the plan, you’ll implement simple changes one by one that will help you:

These seven keys put you on a straight and rapid path to healthy blood sugar success at last… and all it takes from you is a simple commitment to health.

The eight-week plan begins with a series of self-quizzes that help you “look under the hood”, determine if you suffer from diabesity, and if so, learn which systems are causing your blood sugar problems.

These quizzes mirror the exact same approach I follow in my own practice. They address each of the seven keys and are based on decades of clinical experience with over 10,000 patients and the latest medical advances. They also include input from many of the leading physicians at the forefront of Functional Medicine.

Your answers will help reveal the hidden root causes of your blood sugar imbalance. The program then provides you with the appropriate dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations to address those causes, one easy step at a time.

It’s as simple as that — and here’s what you can expect when you make these seven keys your roadmap to health:

Promise #1: Nutrition That Fuels Your Health for a Lifetime

The nutritional foundation of The Blood Sugar Solution is based on nutrigenomics, a new science that has uncovered a stunning truth: the foods you eat literally trigger your genes into action.

Certain foods will “switch on” genes that protect you against diabetes and promote healthy metabolism for a lifetime.

Other foods switch on genes that tell your body to pack on extra pounds and get sick. These foods will even activate the abnormal genes that may predispose you to diabetes.

This food-gene connection is critical because our Standard American Diet (SAD) is by far the leading cause of diabesity. We wolf down mountains of unhealthy processed foods — the foods that trigger the “wrong” genes — and this single factor alone is breaking down our metabolism at historic levels and allowing disease and obesity to soar.

Now, at last, we have the knowledge and tools to reverse this problem. We can literally use food as medicine.

In one study of prediabetics, for example, researchers found that a single phytonutrient found in rye grain switched off dozens of genes that had made participants fat and diabetic, while switching on genes that helped them become healthy and thin.

No prescription drug in the world can do that!

So that’s why nutrition basics are the first step in The Blood Sugar Solution. Your journey to success begins with a plan that includes,

…and so much more. The right foods and nutrients will trigger healthy, protective action amongst the hundreds of genes that control insulin function and obesity. They’ll “set the table” for your incredible health — as they did for 19-year-old Sarah.

Sarah walked in with a long list of complaints including obesity, fatigue, and muscle pain and had been chronically sick since she was eight. One look at her junk food diet and sedentary lifestyle gave us a big clue.

Because of Sarah’s poor diet, she was seriously deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, and omega-3s. We weaned her from processed foods and corrected her deficiencies. In six months, she lost 54 pounds, regained her energy, and no longer experienced any muscle pain at all!

Promise #2: Balanced Hormones for a Balanced Life

All of your hormones interact like a big musical symphony, and they need to be balanced with one another to keep your body functioning well.

Problems develop when they play “out of tune.” For example,

Sometimes out-of-balance hormones are not so obvious. Depression and anxiety often develop when sex hormone levels are disrupted by insulin resistance problems.

You get the point: it takes more than just a tunnel-vision focus on insulin to reverse diabesity.

Take Rene. She was a 25-year-old graduate student who did everything right: she ate a healthy whole-foods diet, exercised daily, and got enough sleep. But she was still 20 pounds overweight and her insulin level wasn’t healthy.

Nothing she tried worked!

We finally uncovered a hidden thyroid imbalance and soon after that everything fell into place. She shook off the extra weight, stabilized her insulin, and enjoyed vibrant health at last.

It’s important to ensure healthy hormone balance throughout the body, and The Blood Sugar Solution helps you do just that, with quizzes and action plans to root out and correct hormonal imbalances with the right foods and supplements.

You’ll also see how solutions as simple as getting enough sleep can provide powerful hormonal support … how correcting deficiencies associated with blood sugar problems can reverse infertility and problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) … and more.

Your entire ensemble of hormones will make beautiful music for you again. And speaking of hitting all the high notes in life, you’ll also appreciate this…

Promise #3: Energy That Makes You Say “Wow!”

Your daily energy comes from tiny factories in your cells called mitochondria. Unfortunately, people with diabesity don’t produce energy in their mitochondria nearly as well as healthy people do.

That’s why you may feel sluggish all the time, and become more easily fatigued. With diabesity, your energy generating metabolism isn’t up to the task.

The good news? The Blood Sugar Solution provides ways to enhance mitochondrial function and boost energy production—and in doing so, improves insulin resistance at the same time.

That’s what I call win/win!

One 58-year-old patient of mine with prediabetes ate well and exercised regularly, but just couldn’t get her weight and blood sugar under control. We looked at tests that measured mitochondrial function and bingo—the culprit practically leapt off the page at us.

We measured all the various steps in Janet’s metabolism that turn fat and carbohydrates into energy and we found a number of easy-to-fix roadblocks. She simply needed more carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q10.

After a few months on mitochondrial-boosting, energy-burning amino acids and nutrients, we tested her again and found her metabolism significantly improved. As a “side effect,” she lost 23 pounds, her blood sugar normalized, and her energy soared!

Since nutrients are at the core of cellular health, you get concise guidance that includes…

A faster metabolism, less cravings, more weight loss, and more energy. Much more energy!

Promise #4: Less Inflammation Throughout Your Body

How strongly is inflammation linked to diabetes? Studies show that people with high blood levels of C-reactive protein (a marker of systemic inflammation) have a 1,700% increased probability of diabetes.

That’s not a typo. Your diabetes risk becomes 17 times higher when you have inflammation overrun in your body!

Anything causing inflammation will also cause insulin resistance, and vice versa, so you can’t ignore this dangerous spiral if you want to lose weight and get your blood sugar in line.

Most of the inflammation that drives obesity and disease is invisible. It’s a smoldering fire created by your immune system as it tries to fight off bad food, stress, toxins, food allergens, harmful bacteria, and low-grade infections.

That was the case with Ron. He was a hefty 350 pounds and an expert in every weight-loss diet known to mankind. Cravings were his constant companion and he was exhausted all the time.

When we tested him, we found very high levels of inflammation and all the signs of serious pre-diabetes. But most importantly, we uncovered the main source of his inflammation: Ron had celiac disease and didn’t know it.

Six weeks after starting his gluten-free diet, Ron’s weight was dropping, his blood sugar had stabilized, and his fatigue, sleep problems, and cravings were all gone.

Taking aspirin or Advil for systemic inflammation is like taking a painkiller while the horse is still standing on your foot. It’s not enough!

By following The Blood Sugar Solution plan, you’ll root out and eliminate the underlying causes of your inflammation one by one. You’ll learn …

Promise #5: Better Digestion for the Rest of Your Life

As you may already know from your own experience, a troubled digestive system often goes hand-in-hand with weight and metabolism problems.

That’s because the same processed-food diet that raises your blood sugar also alters the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your intestinal tract. This unhealthy shift leads to serious problems in digestion and elimination.

In fact, the more scientists learn about the human “microbiome” — the community of microbes that live in your gastrointestinal tract — the more apparent it becomes that a healthy bacterial balance is an important key to reversing diabesity and enjoying good health.

Food plays a big role. Junk food feeds bad bugs which produce nasty toxins. Good food feed good bugs, and they in turn promote great health.

This food-bug connection was certainly borne out in Jennifer’s case. She was a 41-year-old flight attendant who had struggled for years with weight problems, depression, fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, and intestinal problems.

When we did her tests, we found both a gut almost overwhelmed with “bad” bacteria along with food sensitivities that triggered high inflammation. We addressed her gut problems with probiotics and supplements and eliminated the food sensitivities. Jennifer's problems disappeared and she lost 65 pounds as a “side effect!”

With The Blood Sugar Solution, you’ll first learn for yourself if problems in your GI tract are contributing to diabesity with a simple self-quiz. Then you’ll get proven guidelines for correcting a toxic digestive system including foods to promote healthy intestinal flora plus advice for choosing a probiotic and other useful supplements.

That’s usually enough to turn things around. But if it’s not, you’ll also find advanced troubleshooting strategies to help correct a damaged gastrointestinal system.

Promise #6: Freedom from Toxic Overload

Incredibly, 80% of patients I see have elevated levels of mercury in their system, and half of those patients have very elevated levels.

Most are surprised when I tell them that the chemicals and heavy metals they encounter daily in their food, water, and air can make them fat and send them headlong down the path of diabesity.

People with the highest levels of pollutants in their blood have a dramatically higher risk of diabetes, according to the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey. That’s because toxins interfere with blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism, and cause insulin resistance.

In fact, scientists have recently convened a conference to examine this new phenomenon of obesogens — toxins that cause obesity.

So if you’ve struggled with weight despite eating an ideal diet and exercising regularly, it may well be the effect of toxins in your body interfering with your metabolism.

Vicky is the perfect example—and she’s the last person on earth you’d expect to be “toxic.”

She’s a health-conscious fitness trainer who ate an organic whole-foods, low-sugar diet and exercised 90 minutes a day. So how in the world could she be 40 pounds overweight and suffer from severe PMS, stomach bloating, fatigue, and depression? Clearly her lifestyle wasn’t the problem.

When I come up against a puzzle like this, I often think about the role of environmental toxins on metabolism, obesity, and insulin resistance.

When we tested Vicky for toxins, her blood mercury levels were through the roof. It turns out her only “crime” had been an intense fondness for canned tuna (a notorious mercury source), which she ate almost daily, and paid for with years of poor health.

With our detoxification strategies, her mercury levels slowly came down to acceptable levels and she lost 35 pounds. All the rest of her symptoms — PMS, fatigue, depression, and bloating — went away too.

So if you’re wondering why you get a toxins quiz in a blood sugar program, that’s why. They really might be a major culprit behind your problems! You’ll also find:

Promise #7: A Calmer Mind and Less Stressful Life

There’s no question that stress makes us sick. Acute stress causes blood sugar to skyrocket, while chronic stress drives up levels of insulin, cortisol, and inflammatory cytokines. All of it adds up to food cravings, weight gain, insulin resistance, and ultimately, diabetes.

I see this unfold all the time. Rebecca, for example, was a 52-year-old who enjoyed her social work career but had developed severe prediabetes and was overweight.

We found that overwhelming stress in her home life — living with a critical and constantly harping mother — caused her body to secrete high levels of cortisol which triggered her excessive hunger, weight gain, and blood sugar symptoms.

Drugs and even a healthier diet couldn’t cure her prediabetes. What she needed most was to escape that toxic environment. She moved to an apartment of her own — and her problems began to ease almost immediately.

By coming to grips with her overwhelming stress, Rebecca was able to reclaim her health and her life.

The mind-body connection is strong in another unfortunate way: diabetics have a much higher risk of getting depression, and people with depression are more likely to develop diabetes.

It’s another horrible cycle that drags you down.

The good news? As your metabolism improves by following The Blood Sugar Solution, you will likely find that your emotional and mental states improve dramatically as well, naturally, without the help of drugs.

To speed that process along, part of your action plan involves practicing what is arguably the easiest relaxation technique ever developed. It can be done anywhere, takes just minutes, and its soothing effects will surprise you.

In fact, you’ll find several stress-busting techniques in the program so that you can choose which one works best for you, plus 20 strategies to improve your sleep, get more sleep, and fall asleep easier.

Beating stress is critical. Your very survival depends on it, and this program shows you how.

In All These Ways, The Blood Sugar Solution Helps You Bounce Back As Good As New

You’re the big winner when your systems work together in harmony, and that’s really the beauty of The Blood Sugar Solution. It addresses all of the possible root causes of your blood sugar imbalance, because there’s often more than one.

J.P. was a typical example of this.

He was an 18-year-old prediabetic looking for help with his depression, fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain. The root of his troubles were numerous: food allergies, thyroid imbalances, and a lousy diet that triggered high insulin and multiple deficiencies.

By removing the food allergens, cleaning up J.P.'s gut, supporting his thyroid and improving his diet, all of his symptoms disappeared and he lost 20 pounds. Instead of prescribing different drugs for each of his different “diseases” and starting him on the pharmaceutical treadmill for life, we got his systems back in balance instead. No drugs needed!

Yes, you may be amazed by how quickly it gets your blood sugar and weight moving in the right direction. Many people see and feel a big difference beginning in the very first week.

Ultimately, though, it’s a program that helps you achieve a far-reaching goal—UltraWellness in body, mind, and spirit—so that you can live the rewarding life you so richly deserve.

As for the Medications Most Doctors Will Prescribe…

I’ll say this for diabetes drugs — they certainly do a great job when it comes to making Big Pharma rich!

The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars every year on diabetes drugs that mostly just string you along while you stay sick. Then they rake in billions more by treating the complications that arise.

Big Pharma is only too happy to sell you medications that you’ll have to take for the rest of your life. That’s their Gravy Train.

But here are a few facts that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know:

So Why Not Choose A Better Path Now?

If you have any doubts that The Blood Sugar Solution is your best path to health, I hope you’ll at least consider the experiences of those who have tried it … before you make up your mind.

I know how well this program works with my patients at the UltraWellness Center. And when I invited 350 of my newsletter subscribers to test it out themselves at home, the results were just as remarkable. According to the exit survey at eight weeks:

Here are just a few of the rave reviews we’ve received from patients and study participants alike:

“I feel better than I have in YEARS!

After completing this program - I feel better than I have in years - lots of symptoms that I was attributing to menopause/aging - hot flashes, sore joints, fatigue, inability to concentrate/ remember things - disappeared once I began this program. I lost 22 pounds and 5 inches off my waist in 8 weeks and I’m still losing. I have energy, I am happier, calmer and less stressed than I have been in years.”

– Ann P.

“This program did not just meet my expectations, it surpassed them!”

In six weeks, I've lost 15 pounds, six inches from my waist, three inches from my hips, and reduced both my BMI and waist to hip ratio. I now have more energy, much less pain and nearly no swelling in my extremities. But the most amazing thing of all is that I have reduced my overall insulin use by 75 units! In just six weeks! You really can turn you health around. I cannot recommend this program enough.

– Susan H.

“My skin is clearer, my energy increased, and I feel great!”

Before beginning The Blood Sugar Solution I felt like I was in fairly okay shape other than my weight and prediabetes issues. When going through the questionnaires I realized that there was way more room for improvement in my health than I realized! Previously, I wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to lose the weight. Now that I've been on the program for 8 weeks I feel like I can & will lose the remaining weight and get to a place that is truly healthy! Some other bonuses of this program - my skin is clearer, my energy increased dramatically, exercise is no longer a dirty word (in fact I look forward to it). The Blood Sugar Solution gets to the root of the problem and makes changes at the base that affect so much of my life! Thank You Dr. Hyman and your team!

– Barbara G.

“I can follow this for a lifetime!”

The proof is in the results. My mind is clearer, I feel more energetic, and I am almost always in a good mood. My weight and other health measurements have all improved. The diet is one I can follow for a lifetime.

– Doris C.

Finally on the path to a long, healthy life

When you first read the proposed dietary changes Dr Hyman recommends, the program sounds impossible. It's not easy at first, but it is possible. You have to change your mindset from "that's what I've always eaten" to "this is what I will eat to regain my health". I lost eleven pounds and 2 1/2 inches off my waist in 8 weeks. I never felt like I was starving. The cravings for sugar that used to control my life are gone. My new way of eating now seems automatic and I am happy to be on the path to a long and healthy life.

– Melissa G.

Loses 9 pounds, energy improves and feels great!

Excellent program!!! I lost 9 pounds and 6 cm around the waist. My breathing improved, my energy level is much better. I feel lighter and more focused. I was really desperate to improve my health when I got into the program. I was so bloated and felt like I was drowning, even though I was eating healthy. I don't have to think about food at all. I am not hungry most of the time so I can focus on other important and fun aspects of life. I will continue on the path of better health and healing! Thank you Dr.Hyman!!!

– Milena P.

“Thank you, Dr. Hyman, for giving me my life back!”

I lost 9 pounds and 14.75 inches. I lost 4 inches in my belly button measurement and 2.5 in the largest part of my belly. I now fit into smaller pants and look so much better in my clothes. Did I mention I also lost 2 inches off of my hips? As the days went on with the program, my energy increased tremendously! I have a whole box of skinny clothes in my cellar that I can't wait to tear into. I have weaned myself off of Lexapro and on this program, I have stopped using Zocor. I haven't had a drink in 10 weeks. I will continue to use food as my "farmacy" and pay it forward to other women who don't know where to start. Thank you so much Dr. Hyman for giving me my life back. I have a whole lifetime of goals to start at 53!

– Denise P

Overall health transformed for the better!

When I started changing my diet and moving away from pharmacy to farmacy everything changed. I was having so much hip pain that there were days I could barely walk 40 steps from the car to the doctor's office. I saw doctors regularly for asthma, eczema on my hands and feet that was horrifying, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and at age 43 (7 years ago), I had two 5 mm polyps removed from my colon. Like most 50-year olds, I will have my welcome to colonoscopy in a few months and am confident there will not be any issues.

– Tracy K.

“I have nothing but gratitude…”

While on The Blood Sugar Solution, my cholesterol went from 239 to 196. As soon as I cut down the carbohydrates in my diet, my cravings and munchies went away I lost 10 pounds! My current weight is 155.2, and I plan to keep up this program until I reach my goal weight of 121. This weight is 100 pounds less than my highest recorded weight. My total cholesterol is now 161, and HDL 67. And now that I know how to keep the cravings away, I really believe that my goal is achievable. I have nothing but gratitude for being chosen for the beta-test.

– Arlene J.

These People Chose Health Over a Medicine Cabinet Filled With Drugs. The Choice is Yours, Too!

The Blood Sugar Solution provides all the self-diagnostic quizzes and action plans you’ll need to reverse your blood sugar problems, lose weight, and take control of your health once and for all.

There are plenty of tools to help you every step of the way, including handy checklists … practical tips based on my experiences with patients … a detailed six-week meal plan … and even a chapter filled with over 60 easy-to-make recipes that are “proof positive” that your journey to health can be absolutely delicious.

However, I couldn’t begin to fit all the resources that you should have between two covers of a book. So I’ve created an online Blood Sugar Solution community for you as well.

When you order The Blood Sugar Solution, you’ll also gain access to a companion website filled with additional materials and resources that will help you thrive in the months and years ahead, including:

I could go on about The Blood Sugar Solution and the risks you face by letting your weight or blood sugar issues go unattended. But honestly, my best advice for you can be summed up in four words:

Don’t Wait Another Minute!

High blood sugar and that extra fat around your middle are not just warning signs that could mean trouble ahead. They’re trouble now.

They’re the first signs of an insulin resistance problem that can ultimately cost you your life. The time to act is now, while the damage can be avoided or reversed.

Don’t forget, there’s a huge reward for you when you bring The Blood Sugar Solution into your life. You’ll feel absolutely GREAT when you…

Sound like a reasonable plan to you?

Your Bonus Gifts Include…

These gifts are yours to keep – as my personal thanks to you for ordering The Blood Sugar Solution. To claim your gifts, simply place your order and we will send you the free gifts via email.

As the Saying Goes, “One Day Can Change Everything”

For you, that’s the day you say “Enough!” — to the weight gain, the fatigue, the discouragement, and the worry, and to all the symptoms of diabesity that are dragging you down and putting your future at risk.

You do have the power to transform yourself.

All you need is information, and here it is at last. You can achieve with The Blood Sugar Solution what no prescription medicine ever can.

Isn’t it time for you to take action?

With a healthier life just one click and a few weeks away, you bet it is. Here’s to your perfect blood sugar just ahead!


Mark A. Hyman, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director
The UltraWellness Center

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